Winter Snowboard & Contact Festival
January 8 - 14, 2018, Dragobrat, Ukraine
New Year's holidays in an incredible place with a company of contact dancers from around the world.
Contact Improvisation
Labs and intensives
7 Jams
Morning Warmup
Dancing Date

Snowboard and Ski

10 000 meters of ski slopes
Great freeride
The highest ski resort in Ukraine
2 free instructors for our group
Stunning views

Amazing hotel and great food
Big wooden rooms, full of light
Warm floor in hall and restaurant

Children's room
Local and organic food
Pure mountain water and air

Bodyworks, sauna, tea ceremonies
Massage workshop
Art Laboratory
Tea Ceremony
Open Air Hot Bath

Contact improvisation lovers from all over the world
Asaf Bachrach

Lior Ophir

Laura Hicks

Leonardo Lambruschini
Sveta Bird

Nica Andrea Pazienza
Igor Halizev

Miguel Silva

Alon Klein

Yu Gen

Virginia Negru

Sebastian Flegiel

Hey, contact dancer!

We are going to meet in a cozy wooden studio surrounded by mountains and forests to dance, to talk, to investigate and to have fun together. We will dive into open exploration of dance, sharing and integrating our experiences. And, of course, to ride at the best ski resort in Ukraine!

We are happy to invite you to join and bring your ideas, dancing body and soul to participate in this event :)

Pictures from 2016-2017
Schedule & Themes
This year we offer 10 following topics for laboratories - power, lightness, depth, space awareness, anatomy, rhythm, performance, choices, limits and empathy.
Monday, January 8
08:00 - 15:00 - Arriving
15:00 - Open Dance Space
17:00 - Diner
19:00 - Meeting Circle
20:00 - Contact Jam/Bodywork Jam
Tuesday - Saturday, January 9-13
08:00 - Warmup/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Contact Class/KU intensive
13:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Snow Scapes. CI intensive
17:00 - Diner
19:00 - Dancing Date
20:00 - Contact Jam/Bodywork Jam
Sunday, January 14
08:00 - Warmup/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Closing Circle. Silent Jam
12:00 - Goodbye time :)
Retreat center "Yantry" – a space specially designed for yoga and wellness practices for recreation and seminars.

This is the first and only yoga hotel in Ukraine of such scale. The complex is located on the highest ski resort in Ukraine, in the natural boundary Dragobrat at an altitude of 1400m above sea level.

There are a lot of hiking trails in the hotel area. This is one of the best places in Ukraine for skiing on untouched slopes.
How to get there?
Flight to Lviv
Than, train №606 or bus to Yasinya
Flight to Ivano-Frankivsk
Than, bus to Yasinya
Flight to Kiev
Than, train №357 to Yasinya

Contact us, and we will help you with a route
+38 050 287 86 10


For sure, you have some :)
Traditional Carpathian and Vegetarian food.
There are vegan, gluten-free and raw options.
Big size meals.

We have free instructors for you.
Skipass for 50 lifts - 25 euro
Rent of ski/snowboard - 5 euro/day
Take your snowride suit!
How to get to place?
Dragobrat is a high mountain. Only special offroad vehicles can reach the top. So, your destination point (where we take you) is Yasinia village. It's possible to get there from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kiev. Tell us about your route, we will help.
What about dance level?
For all levels. We have deep research with Asaf, classes from Sveta, Sebastian, Nica, Laura, massage intensive with Miguel and snowride, of course. You will find what to do, so, come)
Including program, accommodation, food and extras
30 places for
249 euro
- 6 people in a big room

10 places for
269 euro
- 4 people in a room
6 places for
279 euro
- 3 people in a room
4 places for
299 euro
- 2 people in a room
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