Otto Akkanen
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Silence and communication.

I'm fascinated by language, even though I speak only two and seem to be lazy to pick up others.
What is a language? And what is communication.

I woud like to structure these classes so, that we start every morning with the same physical practice, looking for liquidity of ourselves. From there we move into dancing.

Everyday will have it's own text, that I wish you would read before the festival, and again before to class on the previous day. What do you do with the text is up to you, seemingly. Since we are in silence, we cannot talk about them, but I hope that the text would ask questions from us, our dancing.

The questions that open can be written, but not necessarily answered after every session.

How the linguistics come into play, when we are not actively using it within our communication.
How (and where) the language comes into play, in our dance?
What accompanies us, on our journey?

I'll provide the text before hand on pdf.

At this point writes include:
Gregory Bateson
Giorgio Agamben
Daniel Heller-Roazen

Others to follow.

dance artist, photographer, bodywork practitioner, and teacher.

He was introduced to contact improvisation and contemporary dance in his twenties, becoming so involved that he went to study dance for three years, graduating from the vocational school of Outokumpu, Finland. He works as an artist performing solo works, and with different improvisation groups, choreographers, and video makers such as TTTK, Ronja Verkasalo, Hanna Lappalainen, Mathilde Monfreux, and Lena Muchnaya.

As a teacher he has been working in Eastern and Central Europe, South America and Asia, and has been on the organizational and teaching team for Skiing on Skin - a large and diverse improvisation festival in southern Finland since 2008. In his teaching he emphasizes tactile sensory perception as a point of reference and learning. His interests revolve around power and hierarchies, politics, structures, language and the relationships between beings, ideas, and categories. He works as a teaching assistant for the 'Piecemaker Software' for current students of MA CoDE, holds a BA in Social Work (2001) and an MA in Contemporary Dance Education (2015)

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