Katya Basalaeva
I have no words…
There are no words I would like to say ...
And this is one of the reasons why I want to be and will be in this space.

Prior to joint experience, any words seem to be devoid of power, accuracy and connection with reality ...
Let them be born out of this experience. Not the other way around.
Space without words - will allow you to gain an understanding that is important to you, and not which seem important to me. Let's dance. We will learn to learn.
We will practice and pump out direct perception, pre-emblematic ... realizing our abilities to the full: the ability to observe, the ability to see, the ability to sense, the ability to distinguish, the ability to be attentive to nuances, small things, details, ability to pay attention ...
the ability to directly perceive what is happening and act without getting stuck in words and concepts.

And what if not words give rise to understanding, but on the contrary, does understanding give meaning and value to words?

CI dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher.

"At the moment I continue to study, practice, dance and teach CI.
Teaching classes for me is an invaluable experience of communication aimed at clarifying and transforming existing experience and knowledge, testing them for relevance and viability.
Contact improvisation and performance, at the moment, are for me the most interesting form of being in dialogue with the world, and it is also a good platform for researching and developing the capabilities of the body/mind

Since 1998, she was one of the creators and participants of the dance theater "Wampeter". Since 2001 organizer of educational projects in Novosibirsk in the areas of contemporary dance, contact improvisation and practice of performance. Currently there are regular classes, workshops, lectures, creative projects on the basis ofthe educational and creative project "Art of Contact".

Organizer and participant of the performance project "System of Units" (performances, video art, joint multimedia projects). Since 2002 she teaches contact improvisation, contemporary dance and performance in Russia and as an invited teacher in other places.

2009 - 2018 - organizer of Festival of Contact Improvisation in Altay, Siberia.
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