Contact Improvisation
in Tbilisi
Your way of turning life into dance
Contact Improvisation
in Tbilisi
Your way of turning life into dance
Contact improvisation
is a form of improvised dancing that has been developing internationally since 1972. It involves the exploration of one's body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness.
Connect with
a body
Make life
a dance
a new game
The exigencies of the form dictate a mode of movement which is relaxed, constantly aware and prepared, and onflowing. As a basic focus, the dancers remain in physical touch, mutually supportive and innovative, meditating upon the physical laws relating to their masses: gravity, momentum, inertia, and friction. They do not strive to achieve results, but rather, to meet the constantly changing physical reality with appropriate placement and energy.

Steve Paxton
My approach to teaching CI is based on several aspects

- development of sensitivity
- overcoming fears (physical and social)
- ergonomic movement
- poetry as a dance metaphor
There are 3 classes a week, mainly on the following topics

Wednesday 21:00 - 23:45
Saturday 14:00 - 17:00
Yevhen Vovk
I dance contact since 2012
Studied from Katya Basalaeva, Anjelika Doniy, K.J Holmes, Steve Batts, Scott Wells, Frey Faust, Asaf, Mirva Makkinen, Leilani Weis, Sveta Bird, Noam Carmeli and more.
Started to teach in 2015
Dancing/teaching in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Italy, China, Thailand, Romania, Belgium, Poland, France and now, Georgia
What will you learn?
You will learn to live in your own body, trusting its signals, will gain ease and mobility, learn to ergonomically fit into the environment (in the direct and figurative sense)

And, of course, you will begin to dance contact improvisation, having studied the basic principles of practice and the basic elements of her language
There are 12 classes during a month.
You can choose drop-ins or one of the month packages.
4 classes
50 lari
8 classes
90 lari
12 classes
120 lari
Single class
15 lari
Join and Dance!
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Join us:
Uznadze 59, school #23, 2-nd floor
Wednesday - 21 - 23:30
Saturday 15 - 18
Sunday 15-18

+995 595 72 11 77
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