Leonardo Lambruschini
Trust the silent
It won't be "words" that give meaning to our dance and our actions. The dance itself will be our teacher. We will be able to build a sense of our path, moving towards or simply waiting. We will be able to go along our journeys, venturing into a dance between the "known" and the "unknown".

We will use our abilities and our intentions through observation...
We will experience Contact Improvisation as a game of giving and receiving, but also as a training to investigate the waiting and the silence in order to amplify our listening skills, as a concept and an opportunity for creation. We will use our capabilities and our intentions by observing "what is" and "what is happening" as starting points for the consciousness and the evolution of the movement.

Free to lose the "memory" and the knowledge of all the things learned, we will look for new forms of communication and of sharing, leaving room for creativity.
Curious to let myself be influenced by this magical land, along with you, I will be happy and ready to wait, to be lost, to let go, to start something new...
Dancer and performer. I met the theatre in my life at first, the dance has come in a second time. Then, with the Contact Improvisation, it was magic from the first moment. In the dance theater and the play came in. I dance as a student, as a teacher and as a performer, with the "thirst" to explore and let me surprise, for what is happening right in the passage between receive and return, say and hear. I love the creative process that leads people to formulate projects and actions that promote the movement as a form of artistic and personal evolution and social expression.
I am co-founder and Art Director at Spazio Seme www.spazioseme.com , an international cultural and arts center in Arezzo (Tuscany). In my center I create opportunities for research, I organize and manage festivals, intensive workshops, performances, artistic productions, residences. I elaborate and lead courses and camp for children: ContaKids, PlayContact and Contact Improvisation for adults and students of Art and University Schools.

I am one of the organizers of the ItalyContactFest – www.italycontactfest.com - international festival of Contact Improvisation.

I'm attracted from the places or contexts where different art forms meet, communicate and create something, beyond languages and differences.

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