Ksenia Opria
Silent and listen are spelled with the same letters
I would like to create an environment that each one of us can have space to listen to him/her self: breath and heartbeat, the small talk of inner organs and the stories of our bones... to the inner smile and how it moves through our tongue, teeth, lips and jaw... to sounds inside and outside ourselves. What is your body telling you today?
In order to listen you may need first to stop, to be passive and receptive, to absorb, to let the world be without actually "doing it". Letting the open space to reveal you.
It requires courage. To do less. To move less. To express less. To talk less. To think less.
To feel more. To sense more. To let everything be - more.
I invite you.

Moving through the sensations.
Letting yourself rest when you need to.
Following the next step without knowing what's next.
Not knowing what to say.
Not saying anything.
Being seen without being understood.
Being with people without being social.

Every class we'll start with 30 min warming up in solo. Then using Authentic Movement to observe and to be seen by others. Finally moving together with the whole group, in duets, trios, using CI as our way to communicate without words. I would like us also to experiment with objects.
A bell will transition us from one thing to another.
Please bring a notebook.

I am a CI dancer based in Warsaw, Poland. I graduated the Dance and Somatics studies in ISLO (Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto), Finland. Later I was a member of the art and community project 'Living Arts Base' in Catalunya. I was teaching in France, Israel, Malta, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Poland. Now I'm studying the Ilan Lev Method.
Contact Improvisation has been and continuously is an unlimited source of experiences, learning and practice for me. It inspired my further research in Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais, Trager Approach, Axis Syllabus. Recently I am fascinated by the way children are learning. Learning by doing, moving, experimenting, trying out things, starting over and playing, and not being very serious about it.
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