Contact Improvisation Festival
September 23-29, Georgia
Enjoy the Silence
We are happy to invite you again to Georgia.
This time - to mountain forest
To share your presence and silence.
To listen. To dance. To be.


Everyone is a message

This idea anticipated the course of events at the first festival and was firmly rooted in the basis of the second. Not being able to build and express a conceptual image of ourselves and protect ourselves from reality - we surrender to the unity of contact dance, allowing ourselves to dissolve in it and acquire a new identity.

The lack of expression has led us to increase our ability to perceive, which has enabled us to allow the world to simply be, and things to happen.

Without expecting this, we created the conditions for the transmission of the spiritual aspect of contact improvisation and not only
Christine Cole
Thomas Kampe
Christine Cole
Radical Embodiment
For Christine Contact Improvisation an opportunity to be present in the moment with what is! Her teaching will offer radical embodiment actions to warm-up into the ability to be the dance that needs to happen and gain tools to invest ones movement and energy into the moment.

Warm -ups in silence will build on four different bodywork into movement cycles throughout the week to build engagement and skills of easeful movement, trust, flow and delight. These deep somatic touch into movement opportunities allow dancers to touch into their sublte energies, dreams, and the inspirations that brought you to this silent Jam: your deep humanness. We will be going deeper into movement creativity not into looking beautiful.

Contact Improvisation is a group form! We will return to the original contact circle/ arena: When you step in , anything can happen! Safety comes from the reflexes, from being being on the spot & reacting primal, which can mean wild and intense but also gentle and soft. We will return to the early days of contact,: the exploration of momentum, rebound, falling up or down. How do we let go of 'controlling' the movement and allow the movement to move us and re-find childhood exhuberance and sponteneity


Christine Cole, the founder and director of Somatic Body Training Program, is an expert in the embodiment and dance improvisation. On the leading edge of research about somatic movement education she displays a radical trust in embodied experience as the primary way for groups to co-create knowledge. As a result of over 35 years of engaging deeply in learning and teaching the somatic body practices of Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation, and bodywork, Christine clearly embodies the material she has evolved and models a deep understanding of how the body's systems change in various developmental stages. A teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and Practitioner of Integrative Acupressure and Infinity Healing, she has taught at the School for Body-Mind Centering® in Amherst and Amsterdam, Holland, and runs her own trainings in Boston, Vermont, Montreal and Northampton, MA. Christine has long term practices in Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern and Improvisational Dance Performances , Authentic movement, Improvisational Theater, writing and vocal training

Thomas Kampe
Listening touch
In this silent workshop we will use gentle choreographic touch dialogues based on Feldenkrais Functional Integration practices as a resource for nuanced and expansive CI enquiry. Focusing on movenment, sensation, breath and enhanced coordination we will use touch dialogues of listening, following, guiding, and manipulation to shift focus from detailed hands-on inquiry to weightful whole-body touch exchanges. Our shared embodied listening skills will allow us to direct our dance practice from an activated and agile internal space into playful and spherical dialogues.

The Feldenkrais Method is a playful embodied process of assisted enquiry, concerned with questions regarding agency, empathy, choice making and self-construction through creative interaction with the world. It aims to facilitate conditions from which 'awareness' and possibilities for new ways of moving can be cultivated. This is achieved through non-corrective, pleasurable and structured inquiries in empathic, improvisational dialogues which can be used as kinaesthetic tuning-scores to lead us into expansive, skilful and daring dance processes. The Feldenkrais Method offers a gentle and organic movement practice which encourages the mover to access and explore a multi-directional and polycentric movement range, always in relation to a dynamic and social environment.


Thomas Kampe (PhD) has worked as a performing artist, researcher and somatic educator across the globe. He has taught and practices CI since 1988. He works as Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University, UK, where he co-directs the Creative Corporealities Research Group. Collaborations include work with Liz Aggiss, Carol Brown, Hilde Holger, Rosemary Lee, Julia Pascal, Tanzinitiative Hamburg and Somatische Akademie Berlin. His research focuses on critical somatic arts legacies. Thomas is editor the IFF research Journal Vol. 6 (2019): Practices of Freedom: The Feldenkrais Method and Creativity. Since 2015 direction of international symposia: (re)storing performance (2015); Theatre, youth, trauma and Europe in crisis (2016); Bodily Undoing –Somatic Performance Cultures and Activisms as critical practice (2016); Beyond Forgetting 1938-2018: persecution/exile/ memory (2018). He currently co-directs the international Body IQ Berlin Festival 2019 with Kai Ehrhardt. He is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method ® which forms a foundation for his teaching , research and his artistic practice.

Asaf Bachrah
Waiting for the unwaited for
We will spend our time together collectively (and silently) contemplating this koan like Proposition that I am exploring now as a working definition for what improvising means. The French verb Attendre can be translated in English as 'wait' or 'expect'. The verb 'wait' comes from Anglo-French and Old North French waitier "to watch". The verb 'expect' comes from the latin ex- "thoroughly" + spectare "to look".

Unlike the two English verbs that are associated with vision, 'attendre' comes from the latin a-"towards' + tendere 'stretch'. A kinesthetic, haptic stance. So how can we wait for, or stretch ourselves towards something if there is nothing there?

Dance Experience:

Regular practice and teaching of contact improvisation (CI, a contemporary dance technique) as well as other types of dance (Butoh, release, tuning score)since 1994 years. Studied in Tel Aviv, New York, Paris and Boston.

Among his most influential professors are Steve Paxton, Kirsty Simson, Lisa Nelson, Min Tanaka. Since 2000, he has taught in Europe, in the USA, in Buenos Aires and in Israel. In 2012, he organized an international conference in Paris around CI and 'mindfulness' (http://mindthepoint.wordpress.com/).

Founder of the ME-lieu collective (2015). Since 2016 he is a certified Rolfing® practitioner. Asaf has been co-leading, since 2016 the F.A.R nomadic somatics school, a trans-somatic (Feldenkrais, ALexander, Rolfing and CI) experiential research group.
Lior Ophir
The Invisible Teacher
The invisible teacher is the teacher that resides inside each and every one of us.
This can be our best, most knowledgeable teacher.

The invisible teacher is also my option as a workshop and festival teacher, in silence or with words, to make myself invisible, to trust my students, the organic learning, and whatever is happening now - and by that to give space to all the invisible teachers to put up their heads, to teach me, to teach us, to guide into discovering and rediscovering my own dance.

In this workshop we will invite the invisible teacher to come and guide us into our own dance, and try to have fun while we do it…


Lior Ophir (Israel) is a Dancer, Improviser, Performance Artist, Musician, Shiatsu therapist, Engineer, Teacher, Student.

Since the late 90's Lior practices and explores various forms of movement, dance, body/mind and awareness, including: Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Contemporary Dance, Shiatsu Therapy, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Tai-Qi, Qi-Kong. His performance work and teaching are influenced by these disciplines.

Lior has been performing in solo works as well as in collaborations with various artists, in theaters, galleries and in the public space, in Israel and throughout the world.
Co-founder of the Israeli CI Association, co-organizer of the Israeli CI festival, and founder of several other festivals and ensembles.

Had worked, collaborated and danced with some of the great dancers and teachers.
Lior currently lives in the little village Udim in Israel, teaches and performs regularly in Israel and around the world, and takes part in the Teacher Training Program of the Feldenkreis Method.
Katya Basalaeva
Closer than Together
/ A person whose heart is full of silence is not at all like that whose heart is filled with silence / M.Pavich

The experience of the past Silent is still sprouting inside me. It brings an understanding that through words (calling, defining) we can only describe the past, which is no longer there.
The present moment: the way we move, we dance, we walk, we sit, we stand, we watch, we interact, tells about us more than any words.

In dance and life, I notice that we start talking when we miss a moment... when we are in a "different place" in relation to what is happening. Often words arise as an attempt to overcome this distance. And when we start talking, an illusion of understanding, an illusion of unity, is created.
And often at this moment we do not notice the gap that arises between what is said and what is heard, between what is heard and what is understood, between what is understood and what is embodied and manifested ...

But when we get to the very core, to the very essence of what is happening - there are no words yet, there are no names yet, there is no other there, even the thought does not have time to be born ..
There is silence, meeting with an unnamed, excitement of recognition, pure action.
There is silence, erasing the space-time boundaries ...

I am going here again and will teach one class.
We will meet in the space between words, concepts and differences
We will learn to listen to time, place, direction, power together.
Do not look for a connection, but remember that we are already one thing from the very beginning.


Dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher. Organizer of the Contact Improvisation Festival at Altai. CI practice and teaching – 18 years. Her background experience includes contemporary dance, physical theatre, aikido, climbing, play-fight, axis syllabus etc. At the moment contact improvisation, ideokinesis and performative art nurture her interest in personal exploration inviting to doubt what is already known and creating space for further transformations.

«I wonder how CI practice can develop nowadays, absorbing discoveries and experiences from other related practices that explore movement and body/mind. I am interested in finding answers and again questioning them»
Dorte Bjerre Jensen
Silent Scores :)
Simultaneous silent scores using imagery A score is a structure/a framework for improvisation. When we enter the space we will meet in a circle and divide into several groups. There will be images/pictures placed in different areas of the studio. The image-score will be the starting point for the improvisation that will happen in each group. When the bell rings each individual has the choice to stay with the current improvisation or to travel to another image-score and join or initiate an improvisation.


Dorte Bjerre Jensen is a dancer/performer, researcher, teacher and organizer, and she is deeply interested in bodily movement and expression as an art form in practice and in theory. As an artist she creates, direct and perform.

Dorte holds a 2-year postgraduate education for professional dancers: Dance partnership; research, performance/dance and facilitation, at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Her final research project was in the frame of process philosophy and contact improvisation.

Furthermore Dorte is an educated school teacher, yoga teacher, Rosen Method therapist, Conscious Touch therapist. She teaches contact improvisation nationally and internationally, in dance and
acting schools, at festivals and in open workshops. She offers her work to professional dancers, actors, people in leadership roles, and to the general public.

Dorte is the author of two chapters: Contact improvisation and Dance fight, in "The Anthology of Dance" (being released this autumn).

Dorte has also journeyed through life as a soccer player, martial artist (Taekwondo) and as a circus artist.
Gregory Chevalier
Patterns of Silence
Listening to myself and to my surroundings, to the song that rises from this moment, in which I am contained"

We will start from where we come from, the bottom of the ocean. Exploring/revisiting one of CI practitioners favorite prespinal movement pattern called navel radiation, taken from Body Mind Centering.

We'll dive and find patterns of silence there. Gathering the seeds, spreading them and enjoy. From Hands On work it might take us into movement/center exploration, drawing celebrations, and we will continue with silent scores taken from the book Body Space Image.

"These dances rise up inside of me and spin out beneath me, and it's as if I stand back, inside myself, and observe…"
(Karczag Éva, Body Space Image)

I started my dance carrier in China, 2002, being employed in disco parties. Back to Europe, I met Budapest as a french and learnt diligently contemporary dance techniques and hungarian language. One after the other, I fell in love with Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering and Yoga. I started practising, going to trainings, organising workshops, performing for companies, in galleries with friends and acquaintances.

I learnt from Skinner Release technique with Gál Eszter, Weight Flow with Goda Gábor, Authentic Movement with Sabine Parzer, Butoh with Kea Tonetti and Atsushi Takenouchi, RealTime Composition with Julyen Hamilton, Claire Filmon, David Zambrano and Daniel Lepkoff, Body Mind Centering with Kálmán Ferenc, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Otto Ramstad and Alex Guex, Contact Improvisation starting mainly with Gál Eszter, Sabine Parzer, Scott Wells then Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Patricia Kuypers, Ray Chung and lately Matthieu Gaudeau, Andrew Harwood and Stéphanie Auberville.

Since the last 7 years I teach CI weekly in educational programs and open classes, labs and festivals, in Hungary, France, Austria, Switzerland and recently Georgia, Israel. I always apply Body Systems into movement, I love being slow and acrobatic as well. I lead now a seven days CI course about flowing into liftings and I organise underscores and the hungarian CI festival with the sweet Kontaktland team (kontaktland.com).

I keep on experiencing CI as much more than a dance form, giving me feedbacks regarding my social abilities of acceptance, giving/receiving, learning digesting and letting go … or not.

Yevhen Vovk
Aesthetic Meditation
Originally, Greek word "aestheticos" means "percieved by the senses".

"Aesthetic Meditation" or "Tea Underscore" is a simple and practical way to get n touch with all the senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, proprioception and the sense of time - and integrate all of them in perception of present moment.

1. Continuous slow movement
2. Experiencing the size and the weight of a body
3. Experiencing the quality of touch as a continuous reverse reaching
4. Sight unfocused
5. Tracking the sensation of smell from the tip of the nose to the whole body breathing
6. Listening from the level of sounds to the level of vibration perceived by the body.
7. Noticing changes in perception of taste throughout the entire score

In the beginning participants will receive short and clear instructions printed.
The practice itself will be guided with gestures.


Yu Gen (Yevhen Vovk)

Tea practice since 2004

Katya Basalaeva
Asaf Bachrach
Lior Ophir
Dorte Bjerre Jensen
Gregory Chevalier
Alex Kosko
Description & Bio
Yevhen Vovk
Vadim Shirobokov
Music Man
Vadim Shirobokov - musician, sound artist, audio performer and shaman from Udmurtia, Russia.
Collaborations with contemporary art, performance and dance therapy.

Currently does research on sound impact phenomenon and authentic music teaching method.

Vadim Shirobokov
Music Man
Vadim Shirobokov - musician, sound artist, audio performer and shaman from Udmurtia, Russia.
Collaborations with contemporary art, performance and dance therapy.

Currently does research on sound impact phenomenon and authentic music teaching method.

Maya Wuytack is our silent poet performer on the festival, creating text bodies and poetry projections in her 'YOUNIVERSE', live on the jam.
The essence of silence in a middle of nowhere.
Wooden chalet, surrounded by mountains and autumn forest.
There are hall for dancing, rooms for 2-4 people, a dining room and a room for snacks and relaxation.
How to get there?
The festival bus will depart at 15:00

If you arrive to Tbilisi - we'll take a train to Batumi at 8:00
If you arrive to Kutaisi - take a bus to Batumi train station

Bus website (from Kutaisi)
Train website (from Tbilisi)

Your best friend in Georgia: +995557501364
Binary Code
Yu Gen
Queen of Details
Supportive Team
Alex Kosko
Natalia Golovinova
Lena Gubkova
Prices include accommodation, food and program
March & April
First 20 places
May & June
Second 20 places
July & August
Third 20 places
The rest
There are only 70 places avaliable for this year,
make sure you register on time

Enjoy the Silence!
international format
Experience in Contact
Can we display your name in a list of participants?
Are you going to confirm your registration with prepayment within 3 days?
How to register?

Fill the form, get a letter on email, pay 50 % deposit or full amount within 3 days, get the confirmation email - congratulations, you're in!

Can I get a discount/come for work exchange?

No. There is a team of 10 people that does and coordinate all the work. It is important for us to keep this team core and we are happy to do this job for you.The food and cleaning is done by the place staff.

Can I come for part of the festival and pay less?

No. But you can come for 2 parts of the festival - Silent retreat and Dancing Date in Tbilisi - and get a discount :)

Can I bring my sleeping bag/refuse to eat to save money?

No. We care about your experience)

Can I come with my children?

Better no. We care about silence in space. For children it's better to be free and do whatever they want. Come take a rest from them)

Can I work on internet during a festival?

No. This time all internet devices are not allowed to appear in space.

Can you say yes?

Yes. Register, come and enjoy dance and silence. This is the best choice!
How to get to the festival
Journey already started. Wait for updates :)
Being at the festival
What does it mean Silent Contact festival?

On the first day of the festival there will be a 2-hour circle, during which we will give all instructions. Also, all this will be written on the information board. After that, we remain silent from the first to the last day of the festival. Yes, all classes will be held without words. Yes, it works. Yes, it's amazing.

I have not dance CI before. Can I come?

It is a festival in full silence. We don't need you to be technically/acrobatically skilled but you should have at least basic understanding of Contact Improvisation. Read about it, watch videos, attend a workshop or few weekly classes and write to us. According to experience of last year we found that Silent festival can be a great place to learn even for beginners, but let's discuss it first.

What about safety?

In contact improvisation we are responsible for our own safety. This practice includes falling, rolling, jumping, upside down positions. Don't take unnecessary risks and be aware of your body and surroundings. Take care of insurance if needed.

How do we communicate with other participants/organisers?

Without words. Last year people spent time touching each other, cathing the sight, feeding each other, dancing, using gestures, sometimes writing letters. We have "suggestions/complains boxes at information board, that we check every few hours. In a case of need you can write a message on paper and put in a box or give it directly to us.

I am vegetarian/vegan/raw. Will I survive?

Definitely. Every meal will have options for vegans, some raw fruits/vegetables/salad as well as some cheese/eggs/fish/meat.

Any shops around?

No. Please, bring your chocolates with you. Otherwise hunt the Snack Station

What will the weather be like? What to wear?

Mostly temperature during day/night is about 25/15 C. Bring one light sweater and a light jacket.
Pictures from the past
Some photos from the first edition called "Silent Jam Festival", October 1-7 2018, Ureki, Georgia
Photo by Jacob
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Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
Photo by Sven
Photo by Ed
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