Contact Improvisation Festival
October 1 - 7, 2018, Ureki, Georgia
Enjoy the Silence
Contact Improvisation spreads in a live contact, from body to body.
All our concepts are useless in front of embodied human presence.
We invite you for one week to quiet place
To listen. To dance. To share.

Katya Basalaeva
Contact Intensive
Leonardo Lambruschini
Contact Intensive
Otto Akkanen
Contact Intensive
Ksenia Opria
Contact Intensive
Katerina Zorina
Smadar Richke
Igor Halizev
Axis Inspired
Yu Gen
Tea Practice
This is Silent Contact Festival

Silent time starts Monday daytime and ends Sunday afternoon. All intensives and classes will be held in silent way

Very clear instructions will be given in pre-festival letter and during the intro circle

We do our best to make the festival space safe and suitable for diving into the depth of the dance

Enjoy the trip
Monday, October 1
08:00 - 15:00 - Arriving
15:00 - Open Dance Space
17:00 - Diner
19:00 - Meeting Circle
20:00 - Silence Starts. Contact Jam
Tuesday, October 2
Wednesday, October 3
08:00 - AI/Yoga/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Contact Intensives
13:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Contact Intensives
17:00 - Diner
19:00 - Ideokinesis/AM/Bodywork
20:00 - Contact Jam
Thursday, October 4
Free Day

We have breakfast, and then, we go to mountains for singing circle and jam

We will have lunch in mountains and come back for the dinner

It's also possible to remain at home and spend a day on the beach

20:00 - Contact Jam
Friday, October 5
Saturday, October 6
08:00 - AI/Yoga/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Contact Intensives
13:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Contact Intensives
17:00 - Diner
19:00 - Ideokinesis/AM/Bodywork
20:00 - Contact Jam
Sunday, October 7
08:00 - AI/Yoga/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Meditation. Silent Jam
12:00 - Goodbye time. Talk again :)
Black magnetic sands of Ureki, Colchis, Western Georgia
It was here that the Argonauts sailed to get the Golden Fleece
These mystical places still attract adventurers from all over the world

During free day in a middle of festival we will go to the mountains,
to sing Georgian songs.

Next week after festival we are going to have an afterparty in Tbilisi.
It will be all about jazz, love, wine, excursions, galleries, good food
and at least 3 contact jams with local musicians

Enjoy the trip!

Accommodation and food

We will live in a beach hotel, mostly 3 people in a room.
Also some double rooms are avaliable for couples. Hotel staff will be aware of the needs of silent retreat and will do their best to help us

We will dance on a big terrace with a wooden floor right on the sea shore

We will have 3 meals a day, veg version of traditional Georgian food

First week of October is still warm, its 22-24 in daytime and 16-18 in a night, water temperature is about 20-22 C
Tourist season ends in mid September, so, there will be almost
no one on a cost, except us)

How to get there?
Flight to Tbilisi or Kutaisi

There are 3 daily trains from Tbilisi to Ureki - 00:35, 8:00 and 17:35. We recommend to arrive to Tbilisi on Sunday and take a Monday train at 8:00 all together
Ticket price is 25$ for 1-st class and 15$ for 2-d

Also there are 2 daily trains from Kutaisi to Ureki - 12:55 and 17:50. Ticket price is about 3-4$. Taxi is abot 30-40

Contact us in a case you need help with a route
+38 050 287 86 10


For sure, you have some :)
One week in silence? Really?
Yes! We have intro circle on Monday and outro circle on Sunday - and full silence between. In a middle of festival we will have singing circle with Georgian songs in the mountains.
Can I bring children with me?
Better no. It's silent event, so - bring your children only if they are grown up enough to follow the rules of Festival

What about my safety?
You are responsible for your physical and psychological safety. As organisers, we provide security on a hotel territory and a beach and will be able to help you in a case you need that
What about dance level?
All classes and intensives will be held in silence. It's better to have some experience in contact to be able to find out yourself in this festival :)
Including festival program, accommodation and food
299 euro
Let's stay in touch
+38 050 287 86 10
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