Snow Surf Contact Festival

Snow Surf is an international New Year contact gathering

In 2019 we have 5-days contact intensive and 5 single classes from international teachers team.

Also we have an hour of morning warmup and everyday jam in evening
Ski, snowboard and sauna are optional, you can choose them any time

Enjoy the trip!

Contact Intensive
"All obvious opposites come from one common force.
And this force expresses itself in an endless stream of form and movement "(Bruce Lee)

We will try to get to the place before the differences, where contact is not an encounter with another, but rather a merging of two consciousnesses in a common action, time, space, in an instant solution of every second arising tasks.

Where improvisation is not self-expression next to another, but a clear, timely, and appropriate action in the general field of interest and exploring the possibilities of a constantly changing form.
What if we can, being in the same attention and body - move, change directions, fly, fall ..
What if we can perceive, see, hear, feel with this body ..
Free, accurate, timely, appropriate, easy.

What if we can arrive in a state of empty readiness that will allow us to be alive, mobile, and balanced in situations where changes occur continuously. Speaking of mobility, we will keep in mind the readiness of the mind / body at any moment to move in any direction, to accurately respond to changes in the situation, not to get stuck in an already perfect action and creating an image of a future action or direction, not become its hostage. What if ease is peace in ignorance and trust in space:
"when I am there, I will know what to do."

For participation, it is not so much the experience of CI that is important, but the readiness to revise habitual ideas and methods of action. As part of any of the tasks, everyone will be able to choose the level of complexity that is currently available to him. The intensity of the classes will be determined by the level of interest and attention of the group. We will test all hypotheses with body and live action, and perhaps we will succeed in bridging the gap between "I can think" and "I can realize."

CI dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher and shaman.

At various times I was engaged in various areas of dance (classical, folk, modern), martial arts, later my practice was connected with physical theater, performance, as well as the study of conscious movement and various psychosomatic approaches. I met CI in the late 90s and this love happened for a long time)

Contact improvisation, ideokinesis, and performative practice are directions that still feed my research interest, constantly pushing to revise what is already known and creating a space where changes are possible. At the moment, I continue to learn, explore, practice and share experiences. High-quality joint experience is for me a process that transforms a picture of the world, constantly checking it for relevance and viability. Part of the time I am engaged in organizing research, educational and creative projects in Novosibirsk, and for 10 years I have been organizing a festival of contact improvisation in Altai.

Contact Classes
Luca Carco Pacella
The SAMURAI and the BIRD


We are dancing anomalies.
A moving body creates a universe of asymmetries and balances that
makes unique his dance.
Becoming a samurai: looking for decisions, geometries and directions,
Stimulating a watchful eye to perceive rapidly the context, the bodies
and the momentum of a dance.
Becoming a bird: falling toward the sky, inhabiting the invisible l flight
that allow us researching lightness and weight, looking at how
physicality is transformed by imagination and perception.


The aim of these classes is learning to look to oneself the other way
round, to perceive the invisible, to listen the connections between.
Starting from the solo and from the idea that expanding our
perception and concept of the body is the first step to let grow the
possibilities of our dance, we'll explore the improvisation, the contact
and the weight as essential elements of our dance.
Emptying the joints of the body allow us to understand how to spread,
concentrate or use the weight to create a direction and so a
Improvising is feeling the dance as an accident
That we cannot control
But that we can live and inhabit.


Biologist, I start to explore the movement in 1998.

Actually work in the platform CabraCru Physical Theatre,, giving workshops and playing performance and shows in
Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brasil, Perú, Uruguay, Cuba, Italia , Spain y Finland.

I worked with different dance and physical theatre companies in Italy and Argentina: Levelibular , Impacto teatral, Lunaif.

I worked as assistant of choreography in "Metal Liquido", video dance realized by Dinah Schonaut.
I'm practicing Contact Improvisation from 2007 with different dancers in different countries like

Andrew Harwood, Tim O ́Donnell, Daniela
Schwartz, Benno Voorham, Angelica Dony,
Andrea Fernandez, Ivan Baucia, Cristina
Turdo, Gustavo Lecce, Aaron Brando,
Natalia Jiménez, Autarco Arfini, Ralf
Jarochinski, Karen y Allen Kaeja.

I study Butoh dance with Rhea Volij from
2008, and participate to intensive
workshops with Yumiko Yoshioka and
Joelle Gruenberg.

I Follow dancing Capoeira from 2000,
knowing diverse groups in Italy, Brazil and

Since years ago I'm exploring the
possibilities that offers the contact
Improvisation in the creative processes, in
performances and plays, in particular
mixing and melting with others languages
likes physical theatre, Butoh, puppet and

Natividad Insua

Free falling

A brilliant man discovered, with an apple, that all bodies fall down to the center
of the Earth (Newton). Another unsatisfied man, asked himself if we fall in only
one direction and if this fall ends at all (Einstein) Another wonderful man offered
his own body to all these questions and discovering (Paxton) Many years after,
thousand people keep on falling.

At this meeting, we will explore different range of falling, its multiple directions,
the recovering and the chance of falling together

For me the Contact Improvisation is the search in a different, deep and fun way to go through life and movement and I feel a very pure state of dance. The CI is to fully enjoy being present, finding in dance and movement a unique and wonderful way of expression.

For 13 years Natividad has studied and specialized in Contact Improvisation (CI), studying with different teachers, developing a personal vision of CI. Her training is based on the martial arts (Taekwondo and Aikido) interpretation, she is an actress by the National University of Argentine Art UNA. Complements her work with techniques such as Yoga, Reiki and somatic techniques (BMC) finding a channel for her passion on the functioning of the body (and spirit).

She is an active promoter of IC teaching classes since 2008 in different countries (Argentina, Spain, France and Italy) and festivals: X Madrid Contact Festival, Italy Contact Fest, III Tenerife Contact Festival. Since 2012 she develops her integration work between adults and children. In 2014 she opened ENEstudio Barcelona, a Contact Improvisation studio, dedicated to the practice, study, research and development of the CI, organizing national and international events.

Filip Wencki

The secret art of Contact Improviser - workshop on contact improvisation and somatic communication.

On the workshop we will cover the wide area of the invisible art in contact dance. While not easy to
recognize when simply watching the techniques, tools and ways of working we will investigate enable, support and enrich contact dance. Starting with principles we will reach to the advanced techniques facilitating conversation and communication in the dance through movement, intention, tension and release, structure, mobility. We will work with fluid body and the body full of air and lightness.

We will look inside the body, where your skin, muscles, bones, internal organs, liquids, fascia are
connected with all-present nervous system. All of these carry expression and reception mechanisms and as such can be a means for communication. While brought conscious and waken-up they can actually allow the communication that is far more complete and full that what we experience in the day-to-day life. It is more like if my body talked with its own, native language to the other body and myself would be merely witnessing it. The myriad options of touch and the its dynamics, and the intention and information it carries are all there at hand to use.

We learn how to stay light and flexible, how to get rid of fear and give up defending ourselves. We
prepare the body for active surrender. We cultivate very gentle tone and perfect connection, the ability to be 100% active, clear and immediate in action and continually perceive and adapt our actions to partner's qualities, changing our action in its progress. Gradually we gain sensitivity and understanding of physical properties of various parts of the body. It is about soft sense of letting go of the unnecessary pressures and tensions, when like with one wave of a magic wand, the impossible becomes possible and the limited becomes limitless.

At the workshop we will also look into somatic communication techniques as a source of unforced, intuitive and extremely efficient movement. We will experience the system of body partnerings and manipulations based on deep, somatic listening. We will be setting the rules of mutual agreement, safety and comfort, both physical and emotional, while enabling discovery of new movement pathways, expression means and the advanced body partnerings (lifts, up-side downs, off-balances etc.)

Contact dancer, improviser, physical actor, director and teacher. Cofounder of the physical
theatre/dance company The line of Night. Member of an international theatre research group The bridge of Winds lead by Odin Teatret. Co-creator and artistic director of video dance trilogy
Orpheus/Remember Nyx /Persephone falling recognized on international scene. In the past occupied with traditional martial arts (Aikido, Wing Tsun) and modern fight systems (Krav Maga, Brasilian Jujitsu).

For years now occupied with contact dance and physical movement. Performs and teaches
internationally both for dance and physical acting (Columbia, Thailand, Mexico, Denmark, France,
Germany, Czech, Poland). After years of training, still surprised by the endless possibilities in movement and expression

Virginia Negru

'Take the ride' In this class i would like to invite you to research, explore and use in your CI dance the energy that is already there. The momentum, the partner that is moving, the gravity pull, these are energy streams that you can ride, and fly on without adding extra force.

Sometimes we bring to much energy that we are not ready to deal with. Like in surfing, we have to yield our center to the movement direction of the wave if we want to take the ride. Listening, being awake and alert, present, soft and firm at the same time will be our practice for the class.

I wish to end up by giving everybody, no matter the level, the experience effortless lifts and light flying. We don't need to compensate with what we think should be there, what is missing, but to see, feel, read and agree with the movement that is already there if we want to take the ride.
I am a dancer, performer, CI teacher, organizer of CI classes&workshops in Romania and the international CI festival in Bucharest. My approach in teaching is a mixture of principles and exercises influenced and gathered from many teachers and practices (CI, Feldenkrais, Poetic Movement, Ideokinesis, Butoh, yoga).

Since 2006 until this moment my teachers have been: Stephen Batts and Ursula Laeubli, Benno Voorhan and Sybrig Dokter, Catrina Choate Scott Wells, Ekaterina Ericson, Alexandra Soshnicova si Serghei Golovnya, Anjelika Doniy, Cyrus Khambatta, Nora Hajos, Nancy Stark Smith, Ralf Jaroschinski, Sveta Bird, Sasha Dodo, Bernd Kanppe,
Adrian Russi si Manuela Blanchard, Susanne Martin.

Some intense personal events followed by a traveling period around Europe and USA between years 2011-2015 participating in CI workshops, festivals and jams gave me clarity and courage to start teaching more and share my life perspective through dance.

Topi Barbara Berti

Contact-solo and contact-merge

We will explore the ability to keep your ownn body to move, without losing the relation with the partner. To allow throught your own dance and dynamic to build structurers for dynamic lifts body and the ability to fall, throught the awarness of the multiple changes of direction and shared off-balance weight. A solo in contact that it will give dynamic and space to you and your partner.

There are different way to be in contact with your partner, based on the amout of weight shared and the rhytm you establish between the attention you bring on your own body and the body and movements of the partner. The class will give the opportunity to create a dynamic duo-partnering which is open to become a trio or group-partnering.

Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, Barbara Berti bases herself in Berlin. She works on her own choreographic projects and collaborates with dance and theatre artists in performance art work through Western Europe: Isabelle Schad, Tino Seghal,Judith Seng, Gabi Schilling. She rooted her career in graphic design, physical theatre, dance and meditation; continued studying different techniques in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, meditation, yoga, somatic works and body-mind centering approaches. In her choreographic works she is interested in issues of kinesthetic empathy and the embodied transmission of physical experience in the interaction with the audience.

In 2014, winner of the theater dance prize HAU2-100Grad Berlin,with her solo "I am a shape in a shape, doing a shape"; with the Italian version it was selected in Vetrina Gd'a 2016 and Premio Gd'a 2017.In 2017 Winner in ex-quo of the Premio Scenario with "Bau #2" – From the Series BAU 'Choreography of thinking'. Since 2016 is an artist supported by Tir danza (IT)

Monday, January 7
08:00 - 15:00 - Arriving
15:00 - Open Dance Space
17:00 - Diner
19:00 - Meeting Circle
20:00 - Contact Jam/Bodywork Jam
Tuesday - Saturday, January 8-12
08:00 - Warmup/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Contact Class
13:00 - Lunch
15:00 - CI intensive
17:30 - Diner
19:00 - Dancing Date
20:00 - Contact Jam/Sauna
Sunday, January 13
08:00 - Warmup/Tea Ceremony
09:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Closing Circle. Silent Jam
12:00 - Goodbye time :)
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